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The Honeymooners

We have been watching The Honeymooners on WGN the past few days. I remember watching it when I was younger and it’s still as hilarious as it was then! I’ve always enjoyed these older comedies- I Love Lucy, Bewitched, Sanford & Son…

According to Wikipedia, The Honeymooners debuted October 1, 1955. The final episode was on September 22, 1956.

Ralph Kramden Played by Jackie Gleason

Born Herbert Walton Gleason, Jr.
February 26, 1916
Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York
Died June 24, 1987 (aged 71)
Lauderhill, Florida

Alice Kramden Played by Audrey Meadows
Born Audrey Cotter
February 8, 1926
Wuchang, China
Died February 3, 1996 (aged 69)
Beverly Hills, California

Edward “Ed” Norton Played by Art Carney

Born Arthur William Matthew Carney
November 4, 1918
Mount Vernon, New York
Died November 9, 2003 (aged 85)
Chester, Connecticut

Thelma “Trixie” Norton Played by Joyce Randolph

Born Joyce Sirola
October 21, 1924
Detroit, Michigan

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  1. I have the DVD set shown. It’s always a pleasant surprise to see the uncut versions after so many years of watching the episodes torn to shreds by commercials.

    Comment by Charles Gulotta | May 28, 2010 | Reply

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