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A Very Long Day

I was up most of the night the night before and then around 2:00 am, Nellie got off or fell off the couch and then she kept falling and her legs where going every which way.  MH and I were pretty concerned because she kept on doing it.

So he takes her to the emergency vet and they do blood work and check her out.  Everything came back normal and they couldn’t find anything wrong with her.  They told MH is she got worse to bring her back in.  Not satisfied, he made an appointment with her regular doggie doctor and took her in this afternoon.

She was acting like she normally does and was eating, drinking and going to the bathroom just fine.  The only problem is her falling down and acting like she has no control over her legs.  Now her regular vet examined her and thought that maybe she hurt her back somehow, which is very possible the way she runs around all the time, and if she doesn’t improve they would do x-rays and see if there was any neurological problems.

So far last night she has been walking fine and still acts normal and happy.  She is our baby so it was upsetting and neither one of us got much sleep….

And here I sit playing on the internet because I decided to change from Blogger to WordPress.  I imported all my posts and had to go back and try again to get all my comments switched, but then it copied all of the posts, so I had to go through and delete all that and it still hasn’t imported all my comments.  Oh well, I’m tired so I can figure out how to use WordPress later.

Now you know why everything looks different and has been changing.

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