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A favorite

It’s finally October. One of my favorite months of the year, not only because it’s my birth month 🙂 I love the leaves changing color and falling, cooler weather, all the horror movies on tv…it would be better if the movies were actually good but they do throw in a few good movies now and then and of course, the candy is always good, probably too good. It’s worse than Christmas with all the sweets around.

So far this month,I only see two stations with horror movies on – Chiller and AMC. Chiller has a lot of old, black and white movies, like The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and The Blob. On Halloween night they are showing short films sent in by viewers and picking 3 winners-Dare to Direct. It could prove interesting. Last year I remember watching a reality series for the next Elvira. Stupid and a little funny.

What is YOUR favorite Horror Movie?……

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Fall Is Here

The leaves are changing. I love the smell of Fall and all the bright colors. It’s almost time for my birthday. My mother and niece both have birthdays this month too.

It seems like it takes forever for my birthday to come around…

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