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Life Lessons From A Horse Whisperer

Life Lessons From A Horse Whisperer
by Dr. Lew Sterrett with Bob Smietana

*Monarch Books
*218 Pages
*January 2010
*Price: $13.99
*ISBN: 978-1-85424-918-0
*Purchase a Copy!

A champion trainer, Dr. Lew Sterrett has used patience and a firm but gentle hand to earn the trust of more than 3,500 horses, from wild mustangs to the most sophisticated European breeds. Through his horses, Lew illustrates Christian relationship principles for parents, young people, business leaders and athletes. Lew’s engaging style and striking anecdotes make this a winning read and not just for horse lovers.

Lew Street (Ph. D) had little idea that his boyhood interest in horses would open doors internationally for speaking and training. During his years in 4-H, he savored many opportunities to train and show horses and earn national recognition. As a student leader at Penn State University he benefited from many mentoring relationships from which he received valuable training, experience and honors. This foundation provided a basis for an extensive horse career with a unique emphasis on training youth and community leaders.
Lew has served as the Executive Director of Miracle Mountain Ranch Missions, Inc. (MMRM) since 1977. He has also promoted safety in public riding programs, serving as President of the Certified Horse Association for 7 years. A licensed pastor, certified Youth, Marriage and Family Counselor, he earned his PhD from North Tennessee Seminary in 2007.
In addition to a host of published resources and regular T.V. programs, Lew travels extensively presenting his horse training messages under the banners of Principle Based Training, Leaders by Heart, and Sermon on the Mount. Find out more on his website.

My Opinion:
This was a pleasant book to read and I enjoyed the pictures that were included. A lot of non-fiction can be dull and long winded, but this was very easy to read and the stories were interesting. Who would have thought that horse training would be interesting and the things learned could be applied to your everyday life?

I Rated This Book:
4/5 Stars

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‘I received a copy of this book from Litfuse to facilitate my review and I was not compensated in any other way. This is my honest opinion only.’


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Health and Wellness-CLOSED

Are you interested in natural cures, a healthy mind, body? Dr. Colbert MD PA, based in Florida, has numerous books, videos, audio, nutritional supplements and more to help you become the healthiest you can be. You can find all kinds of information on his website: Patient information, frequently asked questions, health tips and you can even sign up for his newsletter for new information, sales and products.

I found out about him a few years ago while reading ‘Enjoying Everyday Life’ Magazine. I found his articles to be very informative and easy to understand. We all know how hard it can be to read something written by a medical professional! Yes, I purchased some of his products. I’ve been impressed by everything I’ve received thus far.

Guess what? I’m giving away 4 of his books [ARV $40] to one lucky winner in June! The titles include:

‘Stress Less’-hardcover
‘The Bible Cure for Heartburn & Indigestion’-softcover
‘The Bible Cure for Weight Loss & Muscle Gain’-softcover
‘The Bible Cure for High Cholesterol’-softcover


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Giveaway is closed , thank you.

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Inspiration for Your Day

Written by Renee Swope from The Journey of My Heart

Uniquely You

My devotion “The Real Me” is featured today at Proverbs 31 website and Crosswalk. If you found my blog through my devotion, I am so glad you stopped by. The journey God’s taken me on to become the woman He created me to be has totally changed my life – and all of my relationships – for the better. I hope I can encourage you with what I’ve learned.

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are, or why you do things the way you do? From the time I was in Jr. High, I didn’t really like who I was, so I compared myself to those around me and tried to figure out who people liked the most, so I could be like them. It was exhausting!

I am convinced that comparison is our worst enemy. My friend Genia summed it up best when she said, “When I compare myself with someone else, I can never measure up because I am comparing my insides with their outsides.” Isn’t it easy to compare how we feel on the inside with how someone else looks like they have it all together on the outside? Paul talks about the comparison trap in 2 Corinthians 10:12, “but when they measure themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are without understanding.”

Comparison leaves us confused and discontent. It causes us to compete with each other but no one wins! God never intended for women to compete with each other; He wants us to complete one another. We need to encourage each other’s strengths and be who God created us to be. Paul explains why in 1 Corinthians 12:18-20, “But now God has placed the parts, each one of them in the body just as He wanted. And if they were all the same part, where would the body be? Now there are many parts, yet one body.”

You are uniquely you for your unique God-shaped purpose. We are all “God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ so that we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.”Ephesians 2:10, (NLT) God created you with a unique personality because you play an important role in the story He’s been writing since the beginning of time. There are certain thing He wants to do through your life and that is why He gave you a personality that is one-of-a-kind!

In her book, Personality Plus, Florence Littauer describes four personality types. See if you can relate to the desires and emotional needs of one or two of these:

Phlegmatic: Desires PEACE
Needs times of quiet, reduced stress, feeling of worth, relaxation

Choleric: Desires CONTROL
Needs appreciation for achievements, opportunity for leadership, and participation in decisions

Sanguine: Desires FUN
Needs attention, affection, approval, activity with people

Melancholy: Desires PERFECTION
Needs sensitivity, stability, support, space, silence

  • Which personality best describes you?
  • What are your greatest strengths? What are things you think you need to work on?
  • What challenges do you face in discovering your unique “you”?

Many more interesting articles at her blog!!

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For February 5 Love Languages

I was going through my calendar today and lo and behold, Easter is in March this year!!! That sure isn’t far away…..right after St Patty’s Day too…..and of course, it’s leap year and election year….wow!

Oh, have any of you heard about the book ‘The Five Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman? I thought it was appropriate for February, since it’s Valentine’s Day and all. It is geared towards couples but is good for anyone! It talks about how people express ‘love’ in different ways. He goes on to say that there are 5 Specific Languages of Love:

  1. Quality Time
  2. Words of Affirmation
  3. Gifts
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Physical Touch

Very interesting stuff! There are also many other ‘companion books’, such as:

  • The Five Love Languages Journal
  • The Five Love Languages of Children
  • The Five Love Languages of Teenagers
  • The Five Love Languages for Singles

Gary Chapman is the author of the best-selling Five Love Languages Series and the director of Marriage and Family Life Consultants, Inc. Gary travels the world presenting seminars, and his radio program airs on more than 100 stations.

Do you want to take ‘The Five Love Languages’ quiz?

Here is the link…..5 Love Languages Quiz

Visit his website: Gary Chapman

Get FREE interactive, small group Study Guides

You can purchase the book at Wal-mart, online and other book stores~~ENJOY!

‘I received this book from somewhere a long time ago but just now got around to reading it. This is my honest opinion only.’

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We must learn to ‘be’ and not always feel that we must ‘do’.

Joyce Meyer

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