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21 Tape Program

I found out about Shaklee from listening to the 21 Tape Program and then received $100 worth of products FREE! I’ve been very impressed with everything I’ve used so far!
These are the products I’ve used:
Fragrance Free Laundry Detergent
Fabric Softener Sheets
Basic H
CINCH Shakes
Enfuselle Skin Cleanser
Enfuselle Day Time Moisturizer
Tooth Paste
Lip Treatment

My Opinion:
The Laundry Detergent is the only kind of Detergent that doesn’t make MH itch and has helped his breathing! Yes, Laundry Detergent can affect breathing. I can’t use the Fabric Softener sheets on his clothing but I can use it on everything else. Basic H can be used on anything and looks like water with no odor. You can even use it to clean your Pets!! The CINCH Shakes and Bars both taste good. I’m partial to the Lemon and Cranberry Bar myself 🙂 The Skin Cleanser and Moisturizer….works wonders! It is supposed to soften skin and make pores appear smaller and improve your skin. It has done all of that for me!! It’s awesome!! The Toothpaste tastes great and cleans better than anything I’ve ever used. And lastly, the Lip Treatment is the only thing that doesn’t dry my lips out after using it!!

Now that I’ve filled ya in on what I’ve used, here is how to sign up for the FREE 21 Tape Program and get your $100 in Products of your Choice, FREE….

I’d love to offer each of you a wonderful gift from a friend of mine, Laura Daniels!!
She is a health and wellness Coach with Shaklee

Shaklee is the premiere health and wellness company in the US and was founded back in 1956 by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee.

Dr. Shaklee was a fine Christian man who believed that every cell of the human body was hand made by God, and he said therefore that his company would never make a product that could be applied topically or taken internally that would bring harm to a single one of these cells.. that is the premise of Shaklee!!

Shaklee is natural, organic and good for you.. it gives your body the tools it needs to cleanse, heal and rebuild… we have, herbs, food supplements, non toxic cleaners, weight management programs, sports beverages and snacks, personal care, Enfuselle skin care, Prosante Hair care, Minerelles make up and sooooooooooooo much more…

This gift is something that Laura offers and I wanted to share it all with you!

It’s a terrific program that gives you the opportunity to earn $100.00 dollars worth of Shaklee Products of “your choice” for FREE!

The program is so easy… you simply listen to 3 cassettes/CD in each mailing, fill out a few sentences to share what you’ve learned….. then… return the tapes in the envelope provided, and wait for the next three..((smiles))

You’ll hear such wonderful health success stories of people using the Natural goodness of Shaklee, and you’ll learn how “you” can truly make a difference in your health and how you feel! the health of your family!!

You can listen to them while your driving, running errands, house cleaning or during your quiet time… Most of my friends tell me, when they start on the tapes, they are so thrilled with what they are learning, they simply “sit and listen”. They feel as if they have found a “rich treasure” of information !!

It’s a terrific choice for you, if you want to “look into the value of Shaklee and see if its a great fit for you and your families health!

Just look at the list of what you’ll receive in each packet…. it’s a fantastic program!! Can you see some topics that concern you? A friend? or a family member? Topics you would like to learn more about? you get to keep all the booklets and flyers!

…………..did you know that in
7 days your body can change the chemistry of your blood
in 7 weeks your body can change the composition of your cells
in 7 months your body can make changes to major body organs,
and in 7 years your body can make a whole new YOU!
God is good!!

Packet #1
Lois Hesse,”How Shaklee Food Supplements Work and How They Helped Me”
Thelma Williams,”Good Nutrition & Why Everyone Needs It”
Mike Cowell,”I Was Dying & Doctor’s Couldn’t Help”
Additional materials: none

Packet #5
Hannah Sharapan,”Shaklee’s Heritage & Philosophy”
Dr. Bruce Miller,”The Superiority of Shaklee”
Dr. Shaklee,”The Founder’s Voice”
Additional materials:
Symptoms to Expect article

Packet #2
Dr. Robert Biggers,”Medicine & the Increasing Evidence for Nutrition”
Barbara Lagoni,”Women’s Health & Nutrition” (or Bob Ferguson, “Men’s Health” for men enrollees)
various testimonies,Improved Health
Additional materials:
Ounce of Prevention I (booklet)

Packet #6
ProSante tape
Dr. Bruce Miller,”How to Begin a Food Supplement Program”
Barb Hill,”Shaklee Changed My Life Twice”
Additional materials:
Cleaner brochure
Cost Comparison sheet
Hazardous chemicals sheet
ProSante brochure

Packet #3
Barb Weaver,”Protect Your Children”
Sherrie Attila,”Building Your Child’s Immune System”
Dr. Stanley Monson,”Supplements for the Eyes”
Additional materials:
Our children’s testimony/newsletter
SIDS testimony
Shellbie’s testimony

Packet #7
Jim Burke,”Why Food Supplements? Why Soy Protein?”
Sherrie Attila,”The Wonder of Enfuselle”
Bob Ferguson,”The AirSource 3000″
Additional materials:
AirSource brochure
Enfuselle brochure with sample attached
Allergy newsletter and our story newsletter

Packet #4
Dr. Annamarie Ballin,”Shaklee in My Nutrition Practice”
Leanne Sorteberg,”Your Child Doesn’t Have to Die”
Sherrie Attila,”Cancer Treatment & Recovery”
Additional materials:
Nutrition & You (booklet)
Herb sheet and brochure

It’s a fabulous program and its FREE!

All you pay is return postage of the cds.
would you like to listen?…. the only pre-requisite is that you cannot be a Shaklee member with another rep, nor purchasing Shaklee products from another rep even as a non member.

for the simple reason that Laura will generously pay for, and give you, your $100.00 worth of FREE products

If you are interested in the 21 tape/CD program…. You simply need to email her,

  • your mailing addie
  • phone number
  • along with a reply to the two questions above (that you are not currently a Shaklee member nor buying Shaklee)
  • and let her know I (Lorri Slawson) referred you,

and she’ll get you started

You ask….Why does she do this? Because of how passionate she is about the genuine “goodness” of Shaklee and the Blessing she knows it can be to your life and health! She wants to “give” you the “gift” of learning about Shaklee and seeing the wonderful difference it can make for you!

Oh, and here’s something else you’ll love!!…you can also offer this to any one else in your family who is 18 years or older (except your dear hubby )) and they can earn and learn too!! Its absolutely wonderful and only something our team does! and when five of your friends or family complete the program YOU earn an additional $100.00 worth of Shaklee products of your choice!! A gift for those you love and a gift for you!!

It’s exciting!! …………….and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you!

Blessings to you and have a fabulous day my friend!!

here is Laura’s website and email address so you can contact her today!
I just completed the program and I’m sending Laura my gift list
its wonderful!!

Mrs. Laura Daniels
Shaklee Health and Wellness Counselor
Where your Healthier Tomorrows .. Begin Today!


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