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Snake in the House

I had an exciting day today. I was sitting at the computer, checking e-mail and happened to glance down and saw a snake peeking out at me! I jumped up and got everyone out of the room and got something to put it in….went back in and it’s gone. So I proceed to unload the contents of the closet where it was hiding. This isn’t a fun thing, since we all know how much junk accumulates in our closets! I moved a few things and there it was all coiled up next to the wall. I try to use a broom to ‘convince it’ to go into the pail so it can go on its happy way. Ha! It slithers away…they sure can move fast. I’m getting aggravated now. I have to move furniture this time… finally find it coiled up in a corner. I again attempt to get it in the pail…it goes in this time but while trying to get the lid on, it comes right back out. Neither of us are happy at this point. It’s making a ‘rattling’ with its tail and I’m telling it it BETTER get in the pail! This goes on for a few minutes and I give up and we go outside.

We are having a good time playing in the garden enjoying the nice summer day. Then we sit on the porch with a cool breeze blowing (unusual and refreshing). Maybe an hour or so later we start to go inside…I open the door and there is the snake! Well sir, why couldn’t it have done that in the first place. So I go around to the back door to see where it is and of course it’s gone again. I look around for a while and see it under the table. I figure if we go back outside it will go out the front door. Wrong again! While waiting this time, I call him and tell him to come home and get this snake out of the house. He is laughing at me and says ‘it won’t bite you’. I’m not worried about it biting me, it just gives me the heebie jeebies! No one wants to see something slithering around their house. It’s gone again so I look around to see where it is so we can come into the house…look under the pie safe, it’s not there. Start looking through the pictures we have yet to hang…one, nope, not there. Two, nope, not there. Threeeeee, there it is in between the two picture frames! It falls to the bottom and I know for a fact I screamed and my skin was crawling. Ewwww, ewwww, ewwww.

A few hours later….he comes home and they come in and I tell them where it’s made its new home. They proceed to move the pictures, all the while laughing. They get it out and pick it up and ask me if I want to keep it. Yeah, right! So it’s taken outside and dropped off in the woods. Who knows when it will be back but I hope it isn’t soon. It was a black snake by the way. It was kind of small considering how big they can get. I would rather deal with spiders any day than snakes!

I love most of our critters outside; deer, bunnies, turkeys. Can do without the snakes, mice and bugs. All in all, an interesting day to say the least.

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